Luke Harrison Sheffield Web Designer
Luke Harrison
Web Designer

Luke is Red HQ’s resident web designer/front-end developer and is responsible for driving our web design strategy.

Born in sunny Sheffield, Luke spent many of his early years designing cool website after cool website but never quite finding the motivation to actually populate them with content. To nobody’s surprise this interesting web design hobby eventually transitioned into an interesting web design career.

Outside of work he claims to spend his free time helping old ladies across the road and rescuing cats from trees, which roughly translates to socialising and rock climbing.

His holiness, the infallible god-king of Sheffield and avid rock climber; Luke Harrison.
Bridget Evans Sheffield Project Director
Bridget Evans
Project Director

Bridget is that most valuable of assets - someone who has spent time on the other side of the fence. With many years experience running voluntary sector organisations and in business, she has frequently commissioned work from creative agencies. She knows what it's like to be a customer.

In Red HQ she consults with our clients to make sure that we are giving them what they are looking for, and helping to make sure it is the best for their needs, seeing each project through to completion. She also develops marketing strategies for our clients.

Years ago she was an official chocolate taster for Cadburys but now Bridget is a bit of an earth mother, never happier than when she is grafting apple trees or baking bread.

Bridget's main role is to consult with our clients to make sure we are giving them what they are looking for.
Steve Quin Sheffield Director
Steve Quin

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker, picture framer, engineer…  After a diverse range of occupations (although candlestick maker is stretching things slightly!), Steve discovered graphic design in an article in Sainsbury's staff magazine. He immediately gave up his lucrative retail career and packed himself off to college for four years and qualified in 1993.

Since then he has worked as a designer, artworker, web designer and software trainer for a number of successful design agencies around the UK.

On the rare occasion he isn't working, Steve likes nothing more than globe trotting, staying up past his bedtime and running marathons.

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker, picture framer, engineer and graphic designer
Richard Hall Sheffield Director
Richard Hall

Richard has spent most of his career working in the creative industries covering Marketing Services, Account Management, Studio, Production and Operations and he really knows what works and how to make it work. He’s been involved on projects for some of the largest brands like Sony Playstation, Activision, Bafta, M&S, Boots, HSBC and has worked with small and upcoming businesses too.

Richard set up Red HQ up with Steve in 2011 and he oversees all projects making sure clients receive the best service as well as all the business side of things.

In his spare time you’ll find him watching his favourite footy team and when he gets the chance, on a dance floor, not out cold but shaking his moves. Oh and he’ll do anything for a latte!

Richard's 1 Sentence Mini Bio Goes Here
Designed to meet their need

There are fashion trends in website design as in all other walks of life, but some trends stay around because they hit the mark. They are user friendly and are an improvement on what has gone before.

We are very pleased with the website we created for Agent PR. We had already created an eye catching brand for them, with a logo using speech marks - because communication is their stock-in-trade.

Now we have built them a website that uses a simple, scrolling format and clearly lets you know what Agent PR does, gives testimonials from key clients, says who they are and tells you how to get in touch. For those who like to click, you can click from section to section but if you are a scroller, this works for you too. Job done.

Have a look Doesn't it look good! We think there will be a lot more scrolling websites from now on.

Agent PR
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Presenting the right image

Image is everything, as Andre Agassi famously said in 1990.

We wouldn’t go that far but we know how important image is in business. When someone visits your website or your company page on Facebook they may not realise it but their first impression of the appearance will colour how they interpret every subsequent interaction with your business.

A really good example of this came up recently when we were asked to create a new website for MBD Power Ltd. They are an engineering manufacturer working globally, supplying generator sets for industries that either do not have a link to the power grid or that need a backup power supply. Unfortunately their website did not present that image, rather it gave the impression of an old-fashioned local business.

The new MBD Power website that we created says ‘global business, modern, trustworthy’ to every visitor even before they read a word. We achieved this through a combination of design, photography, layout and the wording, and we designed a new corporate logo for the company to reinforce the message. We introduced functions which help site visitors search for the product that’s right for them and enable the company to maintain a database of contacts and keep in touch with their business contacts through personalised newsletters. And we used our SEO skills to move the site up the search engine pages.

It seems to be working. Within a few days of going live the website had more visitors than it had ever had before and there were plenty of new orders from around the world. See what you think at

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Down on the Farm

Sometimes this job is just too good to be true.

One of our clients, Aston Springs Farm, needed a new sign for their farm trail to show all of the wildlife that visitors might see as well as the farm animals. Its always best to get a bit of context so we visited the farm. We saw the chickens and the other animals. It would have been rude not to sample the lovely cakes in their restaurant whilst we were there.

Oh, and the new sign is going to be ready shortly too.
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National Children's Day 20th November

We are proud to support local charitable causes that strike a chord with us. Local businesswoman Nikki Sharpe, who founded the Social Enterprise Youth Can Achieve and is chair of the local NSPCC branch, invited us to help launch her campaign for a National Children's Day in the UK. She said "Children's Day has been around since 1954 but it has never really been celebrated in England. Sheffield is taking a big step with this campaign; it will be the first UK city to celebrate the day."

The NSPCC is supporting the campaign by designating 20th November Go Green Day.
Richard and football referee Uriah Rennie were asked to design a logo for the day. We think that Richard's design gets 8/10 but our in-house designers want to get their hands on it to tidy it up a bit!
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Natalia's Week at Red HQ

This week we've been joined by Natalia, a work experience student from Ecclesfield Comprehensive who has been learning what it's like to work in a creative services agency. In her own words, here are her thoughts on her time here along with one of the mood boards she has created:

"My work experience week at Red HQ graphic design company- Natalia Ledger, age 15.

I decided on this placement as I have a love for graphic design (which is one of my GCSE option subjects) and any sort of design.

On Monday I had to get the train to Sheffield. On arriving I felt excited but apprehensive however I need not have worried because I was greeted by a friendly team.

My first task was to spellcheck a new website they had designed for a local primary school as we were going to visit them later that morning to train a selection of the staff how to use the websites interface. I learnt a lot about presentation skills and how much work goes into building a website. The real highlight of Monday was being introduced to a iMac as I have always wanted to work on one.

On Tuesday I continued my project on the iMac which was to create a mood board for Aston Springs Farm to generate ideas of products and gifts that they could sell in their farm shop. Our outing for Tuesday was visiting a different primary school to pitch our website design ideas to them.

On Wednesday I carried on with my mood board and created a second one, and then I started to develop ideas from my mood board (such as adding logos and the target audience). By now I was really starting to get the hang of working in a graphic design business and I was coming to the conclusion that it is something I would strongly consider in the future.

On Thursday we visited Evolution who are a printing company. This was really interesting as I love to find out how businesses work. I had a tour of the building and saw the machines at work and learnt how they function. I learnt lots about mass printing and understand much more about how the process works.

On Friday I was sad to leave and would like to thank Richard, Luke, Bridget and Steve for making me very welcome and making it a great experience."

We'll all definitely be sad to see Natalia leave, but we wish her all the best in the future whatever career she chooses to pursue!
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